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Congratulations for a successful first half of the Women of Today year! We had a delightful dinner meeting in October thanks to Fran Stevenson with help from Lenore Allocca. Without lengthy debates on motions we got done in record time! We ended with a fabulous GIFT AUCTION, chaired by Christine Sheridan and Diana Fraundorfer, who were assisted by many of our members. It was beautifully done, with many compliments from community members who attended. Can’t wait to hear the amount raised! I know Diana and Christine were happy with the amount, so it sounds like the “Harvest of Gifts” raked in a lot of profit. Great job all!


Hope many of you were able to attend the Nov. 3 ORIENTATION and get your copy of the new HANDBOOK. It still needs the revised by-laws, but it’s a start. Attendees also received the 2nd quarter small PHONE BOOKS as a thank you gift. It will be first come, first served for the remaining books at the next GMM on November 13th at the K of C.


Speaking of books, the COOKBOOK has so many delicious recipes from around the country! Libby sent some from Texas; Kalamazoo, MI WT sent a dozen; various USWT Past Presidents sent some, too. Our own Cheryl Hinkle sent the most from our chapter (around 2 dozen!) Spouses contributed (Fred Wydra, George Franz and Gary Mueller), too. The book’s title was submitted by Vickie Vitale – “Cooking for a Cause.” I’m seriously thinking of investing in whatever company makes Cream Cheese! It’s an ingredient in SO MANY recipes! Many thanks to those of you who went online to type in your recipes. It was a great help.


Proceeds from the cookbook are going to the Food Pantry, USWT Foundation Scholarship and Chapter Grant programs, and our chapter. I would love to have many of our members present at the USWT Year End Convention in Pittsburgh when we will present the check to the USWT Foundation. If we sell our cookbook at the convention, the USWT organization charges 10% of the sales. I think this is a fantastic opportunity, if the chapter will agree. I’ll also bring the books to those who ordered them and asked to just pick them up to save postage costs.


Start thinking of attending Year End now. Reservations will be hard to come by, as Pittsburgh is hosting a big event at the same time as Convention. (Carol Kezel has details.) If the cookbook brings in enough profit, I think we could use some of the money raised to pay registrations for those who want to attend our national organization meeting. It’s a legitimate expense. You will be responsible for your transportation, lodging and meals not included in the registration package.


Our chapter has a lot for which to give thanks, so let’s all thank our outstanding members for their fellowship and hard work to help keep this organization on the rise.


Building Our Future Together,

Kathy Mueller, President 2006-07

Jackson Women of Today




I want to start by saying thank you for a wonderful time at the Gift Auction. I want to thank Diana, Christine and all the members who helped on this outstanding project.  I promise to use my exercise certificates this month!  Congratulations!


I would also like to thank Fran for chairing our enjoyable October Dinner Meeting.  It looked like everyone enjoyed their meal and the meeting was quick!


Remember to schedule your physicals and screenings.  Ask a nurse in the group if you need information.  We are now up to 4 RN’s in our group, and all have a different specialty.  The beauty of nursing is the diversity within the profession.


The holiday meeting is scheduled for December 11 at the Italian American Club.  Thank you to Karen and Lenore for chairing.  To the new members, this is a meeting not to miss!  We always play our Secret Pollyanna game.  Thanks to Joanne and Paula for chairing.  Rules of the Game:  FUN!  Bring a wrapped gift with a value of $15.00.  Most members like the cute items.  Let’s not repeat the snowmen theme!  (But I liked it!) What will be the theme this year?  Since we are having the party this year in a large room, wear your comfortable shoes so you can be quick.


Lauris has the Entertainment Books.  The cost is $25.00.  Good savings included.


Carol Kezel and Katrina are chairing our second Doggie/Kitty project.  Please bring an item for a dog or cat to the Christmas meeting to be donated to the Jackson Animal Shelter. The animals need the support of the group.


Other projects in the works are:

        Time Management Seminar – Diana and Steve

        Self Defense Course – Susan

        Bakeless Cake Sale – Carol L

        Cookie Swap – Jackie

        February Dinner Meeting – needs a chair

        Surprise Breakfast – Yvonne/Suzanne/Christine


Our JTEENS program needs a chair person.  Is there a member who would like to chair this internal standing committee?


There will be a New Member Orientation on Nov 3, 2006.  Please join us at the Italian American Club.  Members are invited to have dinner at 6:30 pm prior to the meeting for $10.00.  I hear the food is delicious! 


Carol is the chair for hospitality.  Please share a recipe for a meeting and print it in the Phoenix and the cookbook.  We love to sample at the meetings.


If anyone has their paperwork completed for the Chaplain certification, please get it to me or Vickie ASAP.  If you need the paperwork, let me know.


I will have the paperwork for the Focus on Women certification at the November meeting.  If you need a copy, please let me know and I will send it to you.


Many people know that I have been working with the Jackson Ice Hockey Club to start a varsity ice hockey team in Jackson Memorial High School.  The team has been sanctioned by the NJSIAA and will start their inaugural season this November.  Please come to see a game.  Sean, Chris (Paula’s son) and Domenic (Joanne’s son) play on the team.  Everyone worked very hard to get the team started in only one year. Pray for them to have a successful first year. 


I wish everyone a Happy Halloween and a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.  I enjoy the activities of our group and have learned s much from all the members. 



Diane C  Stanaway



So it’s over – our GIFT AUCTION – one of our largest fundraisers of our calendar year.  What a great job, can’t believe all of the planning that was given into it, and in one short afternoon, it is over.  Can’t wait to hear the final total from Christine and Diana.  A good time was had by all, even the ladies who didn’t win anything.  Superb says it all!


OLD BAG chaired by Lauris – more info to follow.  CALENDAR will be put together by Jackie C., a year of photos that will be beautiful, I’m sure!  SOLDIERS CARE PACKAGE chaired by Carol L. – she will fill us in on needed items and where to bring them.  Our COOKBOOK chaired by Kathy M seems to be going so well, can’t wait to see the finished product and cook all the delicious food.  Don’t forget to order yours soon! 


Our Dinner meeting went so well last month, thanks Fran.  Looking forward to our HOLIDAY PARTY chaired by Karen B. and myself.  The party will be located at the Italian American Club, giving us lots of room to play Secret Pollyana.


Don’t forget the DOGGIE/KITTY project and think of them by bringing them something to the Holiday Party.  See you all at our next meeting.




November sunshine


Happy birthday to the following members:



Lauris Guddahl             11/14

Gary Mueller                11/18


The following member and her husband

Is celebration November with an anniversary?


Mary and Jerry Kroll         11/12


Have a warm and cozy November


Submitted by :  Lauris Guddahl




Now that the Fall season is upon us, there is plenty going on for the upcoming holiday season.  There are many projects to consider for November/December as we enter into the Christmas holiday.  Food is at an all time low the past 2 months (we’ll since I have been involved with the pantry), and I had to pick up a food order twice this week from Shoprite.  This food helped us with the Oct. distribution, with a few items stocked  for the Nov. distribution.  We are now at the beginning of our food drive season, so please spread the word.  We also need people to contact Vickie, Carol Kezel, or Kelly Consalvo who will put you on the Pantry calendar, so we can schedule the drives.  We need to avoid too much food  coming in all at once, and not having enough room to store it properly.  Many thanks to those that have already been in touch w/me or Carol and are on the calendar for Nov.  We are looking forward to Goetz school drive this week, some various groups, and the Nov. 18th Scouting For Food day at the pantry when we receive 100’s of white bags of food.  Volunteers will be need that day to help organize things.  Carol K.will have a signup at the November  meeting or you can contact her while I am away.  I will do a separate pantry list of activities and dates and send by email and for this newsletter.


October proved to be a busy month already with many groups in town raising money that will fund the pantry.  Family Fun Day, the Pumpkin Patch at JUMC, Shoprite, and many more.  Profits will be announced at later meetings.  Hopefully some of you attended the Pumpkin Patch and bought your pumpkins! And let’s not forget the Annual JWOT Gift Auction, which was a lovely event, although my luck ran out! October stocking day was well attended by 29 community Volunteers along with 10 ROTC/high school kids.  Distribution made it through with more of the community volunteers, kids, and the core group of JWOT.  Thank you to all who came out to help as several members were not able to attend.  However, we served 94 families, with 174 adults/92 children.  Don’t forget these numbers will increase the next 2 months for Thanksgiving dinners, and Dec. holidays.  We also registered 11 new clients.


Happy Thanksgiving to All, as I am off to Florida for a much  Needed Vacation!  Please make sure to volunteer for November at the pantry, as Carol Kezel will be at the helm!  Donations are being excepted for all holiday meals at Nov. 5th Open House, and Turkey, Hams, and Large Oven Roster Chickens!  Thanks again!


Vickie Vitale, Food Pantry Director




NOV. 5TH SundayOpen House 10am-2pm.  Please

Advise community to bring donations this

                 Day to avoid too much confusion on Stocking.

                 Thanksgiving Distribution Open House.

NOV.14th TuesdayStocking Day at Pantry 10am-4pm

                 Volunteers Needed; Please signup and come at

                 Diff.times as many community people come

                 Between 10am and 2pm.  Kids come from 2pm

                 To 4pm.  Donna/Barb to supervise day.

NOV.16th Thursday – Distribution Day -3pm-7:30/8pm

                  Please sign up for any of 3 Shifts: 3-4p; 4-6p;

                  6-8pm.  This will be along distribution due to

                  people coming for holiday meal.  Sign up for

                  shift to avoid overcrowding to Vickie before

                  11/9 to make job assignment sheet before I leave.

                 This is very IMPORTANT, so I will know how

                 Many kids and community people we will need.

NOV.18th Saturday – Scouting For Food – Food Drive to

                 Come into pantry from 9am on thru day.  Signup with

                 Vickie or Carol (at meeting).  Need approx. 8-10

                 Volunteers that day to help organize kids, food, sign

                 Ins of troops, snacks, cleanup, boxing, etc.  We will

                 Assign jobs that day.

DEC. 3rd  Sunday – Open House at Pantry for Holiday Season

                10am-2pm.  Food collection (See email on items needed

                from Nov.).  Will be receiving donations from community.

DEC.12th  Tuesday – Stocking at Pantry, 10am – 4pm (same as


DEC.14th  Thursday – Distribution Day, 3pm – 7:30/8pm (same

                  As Nov.)


                                    GIFT AUCTION UPDATE!

Final Report!


Our Final Report of Expenses and Profit will be given at the next General Meeting.  I think you will all be VERY happy once you hear how well we did!  Until then, the final total is under wraps, as we want you all to hear it at the same time!


Rather than recap the event, which was fantastic, thanks to so much member and community involvement, we are going to print a copy of a letter we sent out via email to all our members:


Thank You!


To all the Jackson Women of Today who participated in yesterdays Gift Auction, we would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You”


To Marsha, Peggy and Doreen – thank you for the terrific job you did in soliciting all those amazing gifts!  You all worked so hard, many times having to go back and forth to the donors in order to close the deal.  A special “Thank You” to Doreen, for having done this for the first time – you did a fantastic job! 


To Lenore – even with a broken foot you came out to help me wrap up many of the gifts, and then came back for more and worked our reception table on Sunday!


To Carol Kezel – thanks so much for cutting the tickets with me! With Diana’s back out, and mine just on the mend from being out the previous week, we would have been really behind schedule without you!


To Vicki and Mona, who accounted for 22 out of our 106 guests between you – thank you so much for getting out there and selling tickets!  I was so happy to exceed last years count, and you both were the reason for it!


To all our members who came, either by themselves, or with a friend (or two, or three…) thank you! Having you come out to support the organization means so much, and is truly appreciated.


To Rachel, Peggy and Vicki – way to sell tickets!! We sold more than ever, thanks to your help, and Marsha, thanks for trying to help out – it was more important for you to get well, then to sell tickets, though we appreciate your effort in making sure that we were covered for the afternoon! 


To Wendy, Jessica, Carol, Cheryl and her husband James, Mona and Steven Fraundorfer, thanks for coming over early to help load the cars, drive to the hall, and then unload! It was a lot of work, but we did it all, and ahead of schedule!  Thanks to Kelly and Lauris for coming early to help, and for jumping in wherever you were needed!


Thanks to Jessica who kept the people organized and informed in the gift room!

Thanks again to Cheryl and Doreen for checking tickets – so many tickets!- when the auctioning began, and thank you to Susan, Susan, Mary, Jessica, Lauris, Mona, Kelly, and Fran for help in ‘running’ all those gifts into the dinning room.  You all really helped in making the afternoon run smoothly.  Thanks to Stephen for his expert calling!  As always, you’re the man!


Thanks to Mona and Fran for your help in selling 50/50 tickets and then counting all the money – so much money!


Thanks to everyone who donated baskets to the auction, or arranged for donations above what was soliciated – Kathy DiBella, Mona, Pauline, Rachel, Paula, Dr. Jodi, Cheryl, Lenore, Kathy Mueller, Marsha, Fran, Jessica, Jackie, Kelly, Peggy, Carol Kezel, and Karen!  


Thanks to Barb Purcell for offering to purchase a ticket, even though you could not attend, just to ‘support the organization’.  You made this offer while stocking at the food pantry, which is support enough, but your offer was very much appreciated, even if we couldn’t possibly accept!


Thanks also to our Board, for their support during the past few months!


Thank you to everyone else who participated!  Yesterday is a bit of a blur right now, and we tried to thank everyone personally who helped out yesterday, but might have missed some of you when you left.  And to anyone who helped out yesterday but who was not named here, please accept our apologies – your help and encouragement yesterday was noticed and appreciated, and it is only exhaustion that causes us to not properly thank you today! 


Please know that everyone who helped out, in any way great or small, was very much appreciated, as it made the day more enjoyable for our guests and ourselves, and for that, you have our utmost thanks!


Christine and Diana





A bit of news we have today,

A bake-less Bake Sale is on the way.


Now in these busy days, who could bake,

Pies or cookies or even a cake?


You’d be surprised if you counted the cost

Of material, heat and time you’ve lost.


Baking for sales is extra work,

Yet nobody wishes to really shirk!


We thought of a plan that’s truly grand,

And feel quite sure you’ll understand.


In an envelope please put the price


A pie, cake, cookies or something “sinfully” nice.



Without fuss or bother, you’ve done your part,

We’re sure you’ll give with a willing heart!


This is the end of our little tale

Wishing success for our “bake-less” Bake Sale!!!


And make checks to:  Jackson Women of Today

This will benefit the Wight children


Submitted by: Carol Lawrence


I read this in Dear Abby and want to share her philosophy with the chapter:

Honesty is a virtue—unless it is used as a club to hurt others. Diplomacy is a skill that has to be leaned. There is a time and place for everything, and before (one speaks) ask yourself three questions: Is it kind? Is it helpful? Is it true?

Kathy Mueller 


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