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August 2006


Building Our Future Together


Hello All,

August had an auspicious beginning. Stephanie Brown and I attended National Night Out on August 1st. It was HOT! August 2nd was the NJWT Assembly at Panera Bread attended by Stephanie Brown, Wendy and Jessica Campbell, Diana Fraundorfer, Carol Kezel, Diane Stanaway, Vickie Vitale, me, and by special phone attendance - Libby Stelevich! Saturday the 5th was a fun night at the AM VETS. Denise Katsoupas, Diana and Steve Fraundorfer, Vickie Vitale and Phil Campagna and Gary and I attended the Cruize/Sock Hop/Gift Auction. We gals all won prizes. So did Gary. (Some items will be re-raffled at our own Harvest of Gifts!)

Sunday August 13 we’ll need some members to pick up food from Saint Aloysius Church after the 5 PM Mass (so around 5:45 PM).

Saturday August 14 is the GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING. There will be a FREE RAFFLE drawing at 7:30 PM, so get there early to get a ticket. The WestLake Women’s Club will have a speaker to tell us about the October 8 Breast Cancer Walk. They will have registration forms, too. The by-laws vote will be held around 8:30 to try to ensure we have as many members present as possible. Awards will be presented and refreshments will be provided. We’ll be bringing in “Catastrophic Member Fund” and “Cookbook” project. Carol Lawrence will talk about Soldier Care Packages. We’ll be voting on Mayor’s Cup Golf Tournament donation and Mother’s Fair funds. Be there!

Handbook Update Meeting will be on August 18 at the Food Pantry starting around 6:00.

Food Pantry Stocking will be on August 22 and Distribution on Thursday August 24.  JWT Board Meeting will be held at Giancarlo’s Pizza at 7 PM on Monday August 28.

Happy News-

Gail Carlson’s surgery went well! The chapter’s tax return and charitable registration have been sent. Katrina Sauers is working on the chapter’s website! Women of Today Week proclamation request has been sent to the Township.

Women of Today Week is scheduled for September 24 – September 30, 2006. The Board will meet Sept. 25 (location TBD.) The Township Council Meeting is on Tuesday September 26 (same as FP Stocking Day.) That’s when the Council would be presenting the Proclamation to the chapter, so please plan to attend. FP Distribution is September 28 and the WT WEEK CELEBRATION is Saturday Sept. 30 at the VFW on Magnolia Rd. in Jackson. All members and a guest are invited to celebrate and be recognized. I will have a sign up sheet at the August and September meetings for RSVP’s. We will also be recognizing community members who have helped our organization. Please share ideas with me on how we can make this day FABULOUS.

Thanks to all who work to make this chapter as successful and highly regarded as it is.


Kathy Mueller, President 2006-07



New Jersey Women Of Today


On August 2, 2006, the New Jersey Women of Today held their State Assembly at Panera Bread in Howell.  On the agenda was the election of officers for the 2006-2007 year.  Carol Kezel was elected President, Victoria Vitale - Executive Vice President, Diana Fraundorfer - Treasurer and Diane Stanaway - Corresponding/Recording Secretary.  Carol Kezel was sworn in via Katy, Texas by past President, Elizabeth "Libbita" Stelevich.  Elizabeth will serve as Chairman of the Board.  Carol swore in her new board during the meeting. Thank you to the members who attended.  Please watch the calendar for our next meeting and make plans to join us for an interesting evening with the girls.



Diane Stanaway


August Sunshine


Happy birthday to the following members:


Susan Ciamarra      8/11

Ramona Mahan      8/16

Yvonne Thomas      8/17


The following members and their husbands are

Celebrating August with and anniversary:


Gail and David Carlson           8/9

Cheryl and Mike Dileo              8/25

Mary and Richard Kufta          8/3

Paula and John Schiro             8/8

Yvonne and Lamar Thomas      8/20


Have a safe and cool month of August to all!!


Submitted by:  Lauris Guddahl


Harvest of Gifts 2006!

Gift Auction Update

October 29th – Woodlake Country Club


With only about 12 weeks to go, we are up and running!  Our solicitation committee is ready to solicate (but could use a little help if anyone has some time that they can spare – even a morning or two!), the shopping continues, and have also contacted a number of past contributors to secure donations, as well as contacted some new ones, and have secured promises on other wonderful donations! 


Tickets will be available at the General Meeting.  Tickets are $34, but members can purchase one ticket at the cost of the luncheon, which is $24.  Please make checks payable to JWOT.  If you cannot make the meetings, you can send the checks directly to me, and I will mail you your tickets. 


Sign up sheets will be passed around during the July meetings, and all meetings leading up to the big day.  Remember, if you can give just and hour or so of your time it would help a lot.  Last year the auction was terrific, with so many members helping out the day of the auction, and that is why it was such a success!  Please keep in mind that no one worked during the actual lunch service, so you can spend the time enjoying lunch with your friends!


Christine and Diana


Carol Kezel’s Fruit Pizza


Prep Time – 25 min.

Total time  - 2 hrs. 25 min.


Makes 12 servings, I wedge each




1 pkg. (20oz.) refrigerated sliceable sugar cookies

1 pkg (8oz) Philadelphia Cream Cheese – softened (soften cream cheese by completely unwrapping cream cheese and placing on a microwave safe plate…Microwave on high for 10-15 seconds)

cup sugar

tsp. vanilla

Assorted fruit such as sliced kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, drained canned mandarin orange segments…..

cup Apricot Preserves (pressed thru a sieve to remove lumps)

1 Tbsp water


Preheat oven to 375.

Line a 12 inch pizza pan with foil

Spray foil with cooking spray

Slice cookie dough into 1/8 inch slices and place on foil overlapping pieces slightly and pressing edges to seal to form a crust

Bake for 12-14 minutes until golden brown, remove from oven to cool.

Invert onto a serving plate and carefully remove foil

Invert again onto serving plate or tray so crust is right side up (I invert it back onto the pizza plate and serve it on there as it makes it easier to transport and cut into wedges)


Beat Cream Cheese, sugar and vanilla with an electric mixture on medium speed until well blended….spread over cookie crust


Arrange fruit over Cream Cheese layer starting in the middle and forming decorative circles of fruit


Mix Apricot Preserves and water and spread over fruit ( I use a pastry brush)


Refrigerate for at least 2 hours


Cut into wedges before serving  


To see what it should look like go to:…go to Recipe Search and type in Fruit Pizza, several will come up…this one is called Philadelphia Fruit Pizza. On the bottom of the page you can click on comments and read about other ingredients and tips for this recipe. 


We have used it in our family for years and it is especially nice for a summer BBQ, bridal or baby shower!!! You can use just strawberries and blueberries for a patriotic theme.  I even had it one year in place of a Birthday Cake!!!


Hope you all try it and enjoy it!!

Carol Kezel





Please submit any reports, changes or suggestions to the editor at least one week prior to the General Meeting.


Christine Sheridan




Jackson Women of Today
PO Box 1042
Jackson NJ 08527