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July 2006


Happy Independence Day!!


Happy July JWOTS!


There’s been an explosion of activity lately!


Diane Stanaway and I attended the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE networking event. We ran into Theresa D’Antonio whose dental practice on Bennetts Mills Road will have an OPEN HOUSE on July 15. She’d love to see her JWOT friends come celebrate.


MOTHER’S FAIR was amazing! EVP Sue DeCarlo was everywhere and did an extraordinary amount of work, as did her husband, Nick. Co-chairs Marsha Wydra and husband Fred, and Co-chair Stephanie Brown and husband Jeff and son Matt also pitched in – BIG TIME! Jodi Long sold candles; Christine Sheridan sold family memory items; Vickie Vitale had a table, too. Carol Kezel stopped by to help before returning home to feed her house guests breakfast (now THAT’S dedication!) Diane Stanaway logged many hours including selling 50/50’s and helping until the very end with clean up. Diana Fraundorfer helped at the entrance table as did Peggy Heath. I helped in the kitchen, got change when needed and helped clean up. This was a BIG PROJECT. I’m sure next year’s chair would appreciate more chapter volunteers.


FLASH! A reporter from the Asbury Park Press covered the Mother’s Fair story and interviewed some members. Keep your eyes peeled for a story.

Did you see the article Suzanne Rogalsky (JWOT PR) got published locally? Great job, Suzanne!


Things are coming along with the BY-LAW REVIEW thanks to Carol Kezel and Stephanie Brown. We reviewed all the meeting minutes that were on file. That was Phase I. Phase II will be to update the most recent copy of the by-laws, and Phase III will be to see if any more changes should be made. Final Phase is to have the chapter vote.

THE 3rd FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH has been scheduled for the By-laws Review Committee Meetings. The chapter vote could happen by September. We can then have HANDBOOKS made for members! Oh, the tools we’ll have!


Township turnover-

Vickie Vitale and I, and Stephanie Brown and her family attended the historic REORGANIZATION OF JACKSON TOWNSHIP on July 1. I took the opportunity to speak with Assemblyman Malone and Senator Singer, who donated a refrigerator/freezer to the Jackson Food Pantry. Senator Singer would like to come to a meeting, so we’ll get that set up. Blanche Krubner, who was also in attendance, offered to come to speak at a meeting, too. We’ll work that into the schedule. I also got up to the microphone during the Public portion of the program to congratulate the winners and appointees; and to say the Jackson Women of Today look forward to continuing our good relationship with the Township, and thanked them for letting us use the former Library for the Food Pantry. I gave my card to Council President Angelo Stallone and mentioned the Pantry, inviting him to take a tour. I also went to the gathering afterward at the Italian American Club to speak with new Councilman Jason Gudatis. I ran into our own Pauline Kirkpatrick who was hard at work with the food. Lenore Allocca was there, too.

Later, at the FIREWORKS at Johnson Park, I encountered Councilman Scott Martin, and mentioned the Pantry. (A recurring theme for me, but new to the council folk.)


One interesting piece of information I received, is that the Township Meeting nights will be moved to Tuesdays. Now JWOT’s who want to attend Township meetings won’t have to choose. This will work out so well in September when the chapter has traditionally received a Proclamation from the Township for Women of Today Week.


Please come to the GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING at the Knights of Columbus on Monday July 10. Room opens at 7 PM, meeting to start at 7:30. Carol Kezel will be bringing a FRUIT PIZZA! Yum! Women of the Month for May and June and Projects of the Month for May and June will be recognized. We will be voting on the Food Pantry Budget so we need 14 members minimum to have a quorum. We will also be voting to bring in exciting projects, so see you there!


Building Our Future Together,


Kathy Mueller, President 2006-07



Happy 4th of July – I hope we all had fun celebrating with our family and friend’s !!!!!  I will be on vacation for our July meeting and look forward to seeing you all in August.


On the agenda for External –

Cut A Thon – I am waiting to hear back from Kathy DiBella to see if the salon, Hans Max, will be interested in hosting the event this year.  More to follow…


Gift Auction  – chaired by Christine and Diana is in progress.  Shopping is underway for this spectacular event and please don’t forget we will need volunteers to help with the event this year.  Please see Christine & Diana if you are available to volunteer. They were also promised three(3) basket donations at our Mother’s Fair that was held on June 24th.  ****Great Networking****


Jackson Day – coming up on September 9th – we are still in need of a chair for this event.  The theme is Under the Boardwalk and we are raffling a “beach type” basket.  We need to have a volunteer for this project by July if not we will have to forfeit out spot


Christmas in July – Diane S. and myself were talking about moving this to October – where we have Breast Cancer awareness month and running a project for Breast Cancer – more to follow at our August GMM.  Diane came up with a new name for this project: Women Helping Women


National Night Out in August  - will be held at the Brook Plaza, W. County Line and South N. Prospect Roads.  National night out will be held on Aug. 6 and we are looking for volunteers to help on the night.  A sign up sheet will be passed around at our July GMM.


Cute Kid Contest – chaired by Stephanie is underway and the winner will be announced in October, in the local papers.  We had originally decided to announce the winner @ Jackson Day but we have NO volunteers to chair the Jackson Day project so we decided to move the announcement to October.  The winner will be announced in the paper and we will invite the winner(s) to receive their gift and take pictures at our October meeting. – Stephanie will have more details to provide at our July Board meeting.


Mother’s Fair – was A LOT of work but a successful event.  Of course our projects are not successful if we don’t have the support of our members.  I would like to thank the following for their time & support: Marsha & Stephanie for chairing this project with me.  Peggy, Diana, Carol K., Diane S. & Kathy Muller for their time helping make this event a success.  And of course, I cannot forget the wonderful husbands that helped also  –I hope our JWOT vendors had fun selling – Vickie, Christine Sheridan, Jodie and Karen Bariella.


The following is a breakout of our results for this year’s event:


Admissions =                $171.00

Kitchen Sales =            $212.75

JWOT table =              $37.25

50/50 =                        $162.25

61 vendors =                $900.00 (no charge for the JWOT table – cost per table $15)

Total =                         $1,483.25

Exp. =                          $181.21 ($100 charge for the hall, $81.21 for food and drink)

2006 Profit =               $1,302.04


I am suggesting the following allocation of funds, and ask in my absence that my request be considered.  If we have some disagreements I ask that we table the allocation till my return:

Our promotional material noted POAC as the charity of choice – we had three(3) vendors who signed up because of that and thanked us for our continued support.  I request that $302.04 – goes to POAC

30% of $1,000 = $300.00 - Food Pantry

70% of $1,000 = $700.00 – to be split between Scholarships and Education


New Initiatives

Small Business Market – more to follow at our August GMM

Taste of Jackson – more to follow at our August GMM


This is more internal but I am thinking of having a Pampered Chief party at my home and a % of the proceeds with donated back to the JWOT – more to follow at our July/August GMM.


Troops Care Package – we are looking for volunteers to chair this event.  Some suggestions were make to have packages mailed for either the Thanks Giving holiday or Christmas.  – I will have more on this project for our August meeting.


Be Safe and I’ll see you in August.


Regards Susan






There is a River Cruise planned for July 9th on the River Belle in Point Pleasant.  The cruise is two hours from 7 PM to 9 PM.  Snacks and drinks are available on the boat.  Please let me know if you are interested.


Progressive BBQ Dinner is planned for September 16.  Please sign-up by calling Cheryl Di Leo.


Lauris is planning a trip to the BlueClaws baseball game on July 31, 2006.  Please let her know if you and your family are interested.


Mark your calendar for Breast Cancer Walks; October 8th in Johnson Park and October 15th in Point Pleasant.  Last year we had a great time.


If anyone is interested in getting a shirt with Jackson Women of Today embroidered on it, please let me know.  Also available is just the embroidery at $7.50 each shirt.


I have the July/August book for Longaberger.  If interested, please ask me at the next meeting.


If you have any ideas for new projects or events please let me know.    


Have a happy and safe July 4th holiday!

Diane Stanaway


July Sunshine


Happy birthday to the following members:


Lenore Allocca             7/17

Diana Fraundorfer        7/29

Pat Rhein                      7/13

Paula Schiro                  7/29


The following members and their husbands are celebrating

July with an anniversary:


Lenore & Joe Allocca        7/18

Debbie & Jim Cook            7/14

Carol & Joe Kezel              7/19

Marie & Nick Maldari       7/8


Have a safe and cool month of July to all!


Submitted by:   Lauris Guddahl




Hot Summer Days at the Food Pantry are upon us!  The good news is that so far this summer we have AIR!  With my email message to the community for summer help due to the students ending the school year, I am happy to report that I received many emails and calls. We had 30 volunteers for Tuesday Stocking, 4 high school kids and 4 JWOT.  We even finished our heavy work load by 3pm, which is an hour earlier than usual.

There were many items to give out for Distribution such as: prebagged USDA and EFS bags, fresh apples and potatoes, and a few additional items for the clients.  Unfortunately, I had to stay till 5pm doing aisle selections and signs for distribution and a little cleanup.


Distribution also went very well with 14 JWOT and 5 community volunteers, along with 10 students, 1 husband  Nick Maldari doing door sign-ins, and 3 Fossil Club men manning the parking lot.  It was a great night of many volunteers and room for everyone!  We then had a surprising evening of only 58 families (not sure why), really down from previous months.  All the volunteers stayed and helped clean up the pantry, and were thanked for their responding to the need for summer help. The evening ended with a nice dinner at the local pizzeria Gianna’s on County Line Rd. with delicious food and fun conversation and 8 lovely members! 


Next Month of JULY REMINDER, many volunteers will  be needed, especially due to many people on vacation.  Please mark your calendars for 7/25-27th if you are free,

and check your EMAIL reminder. 


Many Thanks to Everyone who came out to help! 


Vickie Vitale, FP Director





It was reported in the July 6th edition of the Tri-Town News that our very own Diane Stanaway received the “Nursing Ecellence in Collaborative Practice” Award.  This award was given by Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch as part of their annual awards given in honor of National Nurses Week.
Recipients of the awards given were recognized for the difference they make in patients lives, as well as for supporting their co-workers so that they can perform to the best of their abilities.  Award winners were chosen by their peers.   Way to go Diane!  It must be gratifying to know that not only do you do a fantastic job, but that your co-workers think so too!!  Of course, JWOT has always known how terrific you arem and now all of the readers of the Tri-Town know too!

Harvest of Gifts 2006!

Gift Auction Update


The gift auction committee has started shopping, and so far our gifts are even better than last year!  We have also contacted a number of past contributors to secure donations, as well as contacted some new ones, and have secured promises on other wonderful donations! 


Sign up sheets will be passed around during the July meetings, and all meetings leading up to the big day.  At this time, we are seeking volunteers for our solicitation committee.  Kathy DeBella had to pass this year as committee chair, and we are heart broken, given the terrific job she did for us last year.  We have already spoken to a few members who agreed to help out, but of course, the more the merrier – and the less we all have to do.  Remember, if you can give just and hour or so of your time, it would help to make this even a success!!


Please mark your calendars for Sunday, October 29th!  This year, “Harvest of Gifts 2006” will be held at the beautiful Woodlake Country Club.    Please tell your family, friends, and anyone else you meet – this is sure to be even better than last year!


Christine and Diana




… to all my JWOT friends from beautiful, downtown Katy, Texas where the daily temperature has been averaging 93 for the month!
I especially want to thank everyone for the cards and good wishes during my recent knee replacement surgery. All those hours on the Food Pantry concrete floor hurried it on a bit. The plant arrangement in the conch shell reminded me of the Jersey shore and it certainly brightened up my hospital and rehab rooms. The arrangement in the mauve wicker basket fits right in with my living room décor. Thanks again.


I am now going to outpatient physical therapy 3 times a week and just came back to my own home on the 23rd. I had been staying at my daughter’s home (in the casita) and had the bonus of my two granddaughter “nurses” to speed up my recovery time. I have a lot of PT ahead of me but at least my knee is moving without the horrible pain I had over the past 3 years. I am using a walker and hope to be able to drive in the next two weeks—maybe! My new concern will be setting off the metal detectors in the airport with my titanium knee!


A special thank you to Vickie, Carol and Marsha whose telephone calls just happened to come when I really needed them.


Congratulations on the Mothers’ Fair and let’s keep the JWOT name on the top of the list of Jackson’s Community Service Groups. We were the first Chamber of Commerce COTY award winner for Service Groups and I know you can do it again.


Remember---it takes a lot of hands to do a good job—not the same hands working every project—that’s the way to insure MEMBER BURN OUT! Everyone in the club has many talents—don’t be afraid to try and think outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Supporting each other and our projects is the only way our chapter can succeed.


Good Luck to President Kathy and her Board.  Have a Great Year.


Respectfully Submitted,


Elizabeth Stelevich

Past JWOT President

Past NJ State President




St. Al’s is the place to be next week.  They will be having their annual carnival, and what better way to support the church than to DUNK KATHY MUELLER!!  Kathy has agreed to lend her support and sit in the Dunk Tank, so lets help out by sending Kathy for a swim or two…or three…  


To find out when you can get your chance to drop her in the drink, come to the July General Meeting to find out the date and time she will be sitting like a duck!


Walk with Sunshine


Autism strikes about 1 in every 166 children.  As the grandmother of one of them, I feel it's important to draw attention to this nearly invisible disability.  One of my goals is to educate the many members who don't know or recognize autism when they see it.  If autism hasn't yet touched your life, it most likely will in some way - some day - in fact, maybe it has already and you didn't even realize it. Maybe that quiet girl who wouldn't look you in the eye is more than simply shy; maybe that screaming boy isn't really spoiled. Maybe it is Autism.


I would like to pass on to each state in our organization the information about autism and the many wonderful services that P.O.A.C. provides. I encourage the chapters to support the autism programs in their community as well as donating to P.O.A.C.  .  If you would like some handouts about Autism for your chapter, please contact me and I will get them to you.   When making a donation to P.O.A.C., please remember to send it to me with the National External Program Transmittal form found on page 64 of the Forms Manual.  This is the only way that we are able to keep track of the many donations the members of U.S.W.T are making. 


If you have never been around a child with autism, I understand how difficult it may be for you to give.  At the beginning of the 3 years for this project - I often stated that if we help just one family - then we have made progress.  U.S.W.T. has helped one family - mine.  During the 2005 National Convention, Grandfather spent some time with Geoff from P.O.A.C., and in that short amount of time, Geoff gave Larry some very helpful information to take to the doctors working with Gregory.  Just 3 hours of conversation and we have made some progress this past year. Please don't take the attitude that is doesn't matter because there isn't a chapter in your city or state.   Illinois doesn't have a P.O.A.C. Chapter- but P.O.A.C. touched us. 


If you have a child with autism, or are involved with a child with autism, then share some stories with me and send a photo for me to share with the members at mid year.

I am asking each of you this year - to open your heart and "Walk with Sunshine" and donate to P.O.A.C. 


August is the National Emphasis Month for the External Program - P.O.A.C. Please remember to make a donation through me and be recognized at Mid Year Convention.


Janet Esper, External Program Manager


5613 Rosewood Drive

Springfield, Illinois  62707


June 2006


Take Control of Stress

(source: MediResource, Inc.)



  • Set priorities for yourself. Organize your time so that you do things that are most important first. Let less important things go.
  • Identify things that cause you the most stress. Then, look for ways to get around them. For example, if you find traveling stressful, see if you can make a phone call instead.
  • Concentrate on doing one task at a time. Once you have finished, take a moment to let yourself feel good about getting it done. Take a rest if you need it, and then move on.
  • If you are running late, or if you feel overwhelmed, cancel or reschedule your appointments.
  • Learn to say “no”. Save your energy for the things that are most important to you.


Get Support

  • Don’t try to do everything yourself. Ask your friends and family to help with some of your responsibilities.
  • Talk about your feelings with family and friends. Make sure you take time for social activities and exercise. You’ll be more prepared to deal with situations that cause you stress if you’ve taken time for fun!


Plan Ahead

  • Think about which situations cause you stress. Then, plan ahead to minimize or avoid these predictable sources of stress. For example, if waiting in line is stressful for you, bring a book to help pass the time. If you find the morning rush stressful, get up about 15 minutes earlier so that you don’t feel so rushed.
  • Schedule breaks for yourself throughout the day. This will give you a chance to rest, and will also prevent the stress that comes from getting “behind schedule.”


For more information, visit





Please submit any reports, changes or suggestions to the editor at least one week prior to the General Meeting.


Christine Sheridan




Jackson Women of Today
PO Box 1042
Jackson NJ 08527