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December 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!


The President’s Message:


Jackson New Jersey WT is the FIRST chapter to certify as USWT All-American! CONGRATULATIONS!


I’m bringing “Nutmeg Noels” to the Cookie Swap. The recipe is in “Friends Cooking for a Cause” which will be available by the end of January. It has 300 delicious recipes from members, friends, families, non-Jackson WT, other organizations and individuals. Books are $10.00, and will be available for purchase locally, or can be shipped (extra charge.)


The Italian American Club has offered to let us hold a “Book Launch Dinner” at their headquarters (where we will be for the Holiday Meeting on December 11.) The idea is to have food made from our recipes and sell cookbooks! The IAC holds weekly dinners on Friday nights and costs $10.00 per person. We can have it on Friday Feb. 2, 2007, if we want. I’ll bring it up at Project Rap.


Handbooks have been handed out to members attending meetings. I have the beginning of our Chapter History. Carol Kezel and I are looking for Boards who served between 1990 to the present. If anyone has programs from past Installation Banquets, please get the Outgoing/Incoming Board info to me. THANKS.


Just to save time at the December meeting here’s my report:


November 14 bought chickens at Sam’s Club for Food Pantry

November 16 – FP Distribution check in

November 17 – Italian American Club

November 18 – Scouting for Food sorting; Dinner with USWT Pres & COB; pick up food at Jackson Liberty HS from Holman Theatre Group.

November 19 – Drop off food at FP; Edit cookbook (10 hours!)

November 28 – Ocean First Bank VIP get together (Rotary contact); Board Meeting

November 29 – Jackson Education Foundation Meeting (Food Donation contact)

December 1 – Pick up food; deliver to FP; Stay for any frozen turkey donations

December 2 – Visited both The Provident Bank branches – Jackson and Ocean Twp.

December 3 – FP Open House

December 5 – Spoke at Rotary meeting; The Provident Bank – soldier project taping

December 8 – Italian American Club

December 9 – Ship soldier packages; bake Nutmeg Noels

December 10 – Cookie Swap at Jackie Capasso’s house

December 11 – GMM at IAC (Secret Pollyanna; Doggie/Kittie)


The chapter needs a grant writer; Gary is researching scholarship questions; Suzanne is doing a GREAT job with publicity; Katrina is updating the website with articles Suzanne has submitted to the newspapers. AWESOME JOB! There will be another Orientation Night on January 29 at the Food Pantry at 7:00 PM. Sign up sheet will be passed next month at January 8 GMM at the Knights of Columbus or contact me.


Building Our Future Together, 

Kathy Mueller, President


Submitted by Diana Stanaway


Happy holidays to all!  May you enjoy the holidays with family and friends.


v     Please join us for the holiday meeting at the Italian American Club chaired by Karen and Lenore.  I am sure this will be a great event.   The food (Hey Lenore, are your doing the mushrooms?) will be great.  Secret Pollyanna will be chaired by Paula and Joanne with assistance from yours truly.  Thanks Vickie and Lauris for reminding me what I did last year.  This year, now that you reminded me, will be even better.

v     We will be gathering on January 6th, 2007 at 9 a.m. at the Mug Rack in the Stop-n-Shop Plaza.  We will be having our “Bring in the New Year” breakfast.  And, we will be doing our very first “re-gift” gift exchange!  This should be a lot of fun!  Please respond to me if you will be attending so I can give a number for the table arrangement.  Hope you can come!!

v     To be put on hold until after the New Year, the Time Management Seminar, Line Dancing, JWOT Patch Quilt and the Self Defense class will be re-scheduled with the chairs.

v     The February meeting is on the horizon.  It actually falls on Lincoln’s birthday, February 12th.  Is there a member who would like to chair and make arrangements for this meeting?  Please let me know.

v     The Cookie Swap is being hosted by Jackie Capasso on December 10th at 2 p.m.  Please RSVP to her.  She has a wonderful event planned.  Thanks Jackie for chairing.

v     To follow-up on the huge success of our previous Doggie Bag and Kitty too project, we will be collecting dog and cat items for the shelter.  Our “furry” friends need help over the holidays also.  This is being chaired by Carol Kezel and Katrina Sauers.  Please bring your items to the holiday meeting or contact a chair or board member for assistance with arranging delivery or pick up.

v     Lauris and Kelly have sold all the Entertainment books.  If anyone else needs another book, please contact Lauris to arrange purchase.

v     The time is coming near, for the 2007 Installation Banquet.  This event will be chaired by Lenore and Diane.  Oh my, I will learn party planning from Lenore who always does an outstanding job.

v     On the 2007 agenda, is a project to assist with Camp Quality and a project to assist the Veterans.  More news to follow.

v     On my personal home front, December 7, 2006 at 8:30 p.m. at Wall Sports Arena is the first varsity ice hockey game for Jackson Memorial High School.   Good luck to all the boys!

v     BIG SISTERS, LITTLE SISTERS - Calling all sisters☺ -- If you are a “seasoned” member or if you are a “new” member, please let me know if you are willing to share information.  The new members will feel welcomed with someone to guide them through the projects and paperwork.  Please let me know of your availability and/or your need.  Hello to my little sisters, Paula, Debbie and Joanne.

v     Fran thanks for doing the Secret Pal.  If anyone needs information, please contact Fran.

v     New member orientation is planned for January 29 at a location TBA.  Watch for updates.


A “great big thanks” to Ramona for doing the Phoenix!  I will do my best to be timely and accurate.

I would like to end by wishing everyone a safe holiday season and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

            Bear Hugs to all,

            Diane Stanaway



Emailed from Karen B.


It's that busy time of the year again!  Just a reminder to those that did not attend the November meeting, please mark your calendars for Monday, December 11th for our annual Holiday Party to be held at the Central Jersey Italian American Club in Jackson.  This year you don't have to cook - we will be having hors devours, a hot buffet, dessert, coffee, tea & soda for $7.00 pp.  Please let me know if you will be attending.  (*Spirits can be purchased at the bar.)


Looking forward to a fun evening!  Hope you will be there.


Submitted by
Lenore Allocca, EVP


This is just unbelievable, how can it possibly be?  December already?  What a full year, so much happening with our group.  Can’t wait for our HOLIDAY PARTY chaired by Karen B. and myself.  Sure to be a great time!  Jessica C. will be putting together our HOLIDAY CARD.  We can’t wait to see it!  I am sure that everyone knows about all of the news of the SOLDIER’S CARE PACKAGES.  Putting together this wonderful effort for our soldiers, together with the Provident Bank; the packages and boxing them, getting donations to send them, and of course, being on Channel 4 News.  But letting the soldiers know that they are not forgotten back home, especially during this holiday season, and supported by all has made this project just amazing.  Our COOKBOOK, chaired by Jackie and Kathy M., filled with the most delicious and award winning recipes, is about to hit “our hands” in Jan./Feb.  It is at the publishers right now and will be available shortly.  Jackie will be working on the CALENDAR, can’t wait to get that going.  The OLD BAG, CHAIRED BY Lauris will get needed information together after the holidays from Vinnie R.  Also, it may seem too early to discuss, but we need a chair for our GIFT AUCTION.  It is a very detailed project but has been the most successful one.  Please think about chairing it (and it definitely comes with lots of help, assistance and support)!  Thanking you all for making the JWOT what it really has become, very special!  My family and I wish all of you, together with your loved ones, an especially happy holiday season!  Until Next Year.


DECEMBER sunshine

Submitted by Lauris Guddahl


I don’t seem to have this listing but I’m sure the club joins in wishing ALL those December Anniversaries and Birthdays a VERY HAPPY HAPPY. 


As your new editor (I’m trying to fill a pair of great shoes), I promise to be more prepared next month so both December & January folks will be recognized in our next Phoenix Issue.

                                    Ramona Mahan



Submitted by Vickie Vitale

Food Pantry Director


VOLUNTEERs ARE NEEDED FOR HOLIDAY STOCKING AND DISTRIBUTION AT THE FOOD PANTRY.  Please Note: the dates for both stocking and distribution have been moved up to next (See Below).   Please email me, Vickie with your shift for either day.


DECEMBER 3rd, this Sunday from 10am - 2pm is our Open House for All Donations.  Currently, the pantry is getting filled and we have all the counters, tables, carts filled.  We need people to help sort, stock and box the rest of the food and get into the "niche" (extra storage area) before stocking day.  10 people sh/do to get done.  Please bring any small/med. boxes if possible as we are getting low.  (Sorry for short notice, as Carol and I have been busy day and night w/calls, emails, emergency food handouts, and coordinating community for the holidays).


STOCKING--TUESDAY 12/12 from 10am to 2pm FOR ADULTS; 2-4pm FOR STUDENTS.

ADULT AND TEEN assistance is needed.  Please keep in mind that the teens receive community service credits for any hours worked.  Please contact me if you or your teen are volunteering on either day to avoid overcrowding.  Teens sh/come from 2pm-4pm from the high school, or when they have days off.


DISTRIBUTION--THURSDAY 12/14  from 3pm to 7:30/8pm this month.  PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ONE OF THE SHIFTS by emailing me, for job availabilityI cannot stress enough that we cannot have walk-in's that overcrowd the pantry and have us trying to find work for people, and it is against fire reg's.  There is room for all JWOT/kids as long as you sign up asap.


First Come Basis as always for ALL!  AGAIN, PLEASE NO WALK-INS W/O SIGNING UP, as these shifts were put into effect to accommodate everyone's hectic lives, and to prevent overcrowding and assure job availability.


The SHIFTS are as follows:


~ 3pm-4pm = 2 people, plus door signing volunteers 2-(Marie/Nick if able).

~ 4-6pm = 1st shift needs approx. 24 volunteers (carts, frozen, registrations, counters, garbage collection, cleanup and holiday handouts).

~ 6pm-7:30/8:30pm = same as above depending on who can stay thru the evening, and to replace people leaving after 1st shift.  Also, this evening may go longer till 8-8:30pm depending on the number of families coming for Holiday dinners.  Last month we did 126+ families and I expect the same or more.  We will also be handing out many extra items, so we will be very busy, and space will be tight.  I will need at least 4 more people this month to do hand outs.


Please sign up (by EMAIL) for which ever shift works for you, and let me know if you will be staying thru the evening.  AND PRAY FOR GOOD WEATHER (now that it is leaving us)!!!!!!!!!!


PLEASE BRING ANY PLASTIC OR PAPER BAGS FOR BAGGING.  Remember, they are like GOLD to the pantry and we were low after Nov.!!!




Vickie Vitale, FPD; Carol Kezel, FP-Co-Director & Donna Sauers, FP Asst.




Submitted by Janet Esper

External Program Manager, P.O.A.C.

United States Women of Today 2006 - 2007


Autism is a lifelong disorder and the earlier one can identify autism and begin intervention, the better it is for that child throughout the course of his/her life. It is imperative to recognize the unique learning style that each individual with autism has. As autism is a spectrum disability, there is a full range of capabilities and disabilities, with no two individuals being identical. Therefore individualized service plans are critical for success.  POAC offers this type of service, but they need our help in order to do so.  So I am asking each of you to purchase a subscription as well as ask someone to purchase a magazine from SLAH and POAC will receive $5.00 of that subscription. This is such an easy way to earn money for POAC and everyone gets something out of it.  It is on the U.S.W.T web site at


I wish each of you the best of the holiday.

Janet Esper




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