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Jackson Women of Today

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October Phoenix


October 2006





Happy Autumn!


Thank you so much to the Women of Today Week Social Committee headed by Vickie Vitale and the Scholarship Committee chaired by Suzanne Rogalsky. Thanks also to Gary Mueller for handling the business aspects of our organization – insurance, 501c3 status and incorporation with the state of NJ. It’s great to have a chapter with talented members who give so generously of their time.


Thank you to ALL the members who participate in keeping the chapter as active as it is. We’ve gotten many compliments from residents and organizations about the good work done by the chapter. We have a “sterling” reputation, according to them. GOOD JOB!


We have exciting projects lined up in addition to our fabulous food pantry. Jackie Capasso is chairing a Jackson Calendar project. (She declined Diane Stanaway’s good natured offer to be “Miss November.”)  Our chapter’s second cookbook is underway.  We need a catchy title for it. Our first cookbook was “Our Favorite Recipes.” Sure, this could be Volume 2 of the same name, but we have some very creative members who could offer better suggestions.


If you haven’t bought your ticket for the “Harvest of Gifts” yet, please contact Christine Sheridan at 732-901-9102 or Members can pay $34 and get auction tickets included, or pay only $24 and pay for tickets separately. Woodlake Country Club is an excellent venue with a delicious lunch. The gifts sound lovely. A great time will be had by all for this event which helps raise money for scholarships. We have a LOT of grads this year, so please show your support.


By our next meeting, we will have done Family Fun Day at the Orchards on Oct. 7. Vickie will report on how much food and money were donated.


The Breast Cancer Walk at Johnson Park with the Westlake Women’s Club on Oct. 8 had a small team from our chapter. Diane Stanaway will report.


We have some prospective members who will be sworn in at the Dinner Meeting and, as always, awards will be presented to the Woman of the Month and Project of the Month.


Looking forward to seeing everyone at Solo Bella on Oct. 9 at 6:30. Call Fran Stevenson at 732-942-3616 with any questions or email her at


Building Our Future Together,

Kathy Mueller, President 2006-07

Jackson Women of Today




Thank you all so much for the welcome that you have given me as the new EVP.  I will certainly give my all in making sure that the remainder of our calendar year will be a success.  A huge thank-you to Susan DeCarlo for being EVP, for sharing her ideas, and working so hard in putting them forward.  Although she isn’t EVP any longer, Susan is continuing to help out and be a part of many projects. 


Fall is here, what a great time of year.  Starting out warm and ending with a bit of frost – the vibrant colors of the trees, just beautiful.  A time to enjoy this season and put forth our energy.  What fun it is to have a little change.  So here’s an update of our coming External projects – our GIFT AUCTION, can’t wait.  Diana and Christine say that this year will be great – don’t forget to purchase your tickets at the Dinner Meeting on October 9th.  This is one of our biggest fundraisers.  OLD BAG will be chaired once again by Lauris, more info to follow.  CALENDAR – chaired by Jackie C. – let’s see what will be on the front cover.  Busy weekend October 7th & 8th – FAMILY FUN DAY at the Orchards, proceeds always to benefit the food pantry, they are so nice to us together with the PUMPKIN PATCH at the Jackson United Methodist Church; and October 8th – Westlake Jackson Breast Cancer walk to be hold in Johnson Park.  Hope everyone will come out to support the Westlake Women for this worthy cause.  SOLDIERS CARE PACKAGES – chaired by Carol L. – items and where to bring same will be forthcoming by Carol.  COOKBOOK – Kathy M. and Jackie C. are putting together their cookbook idea.  It would be great to have each member submit a recipe or two to our new book.  We also need to name it.  Any ideas??  Looking forward to our DINNER MEETING, chaired by Fran on October 9th, at Solo Bella and our Women of Today Social on September 30th.  Until next time!


Lenore Allocca




October 8th is the Breast Cancer Walk at Johnson Park.  The donation is $20.00 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to participate in the one mile walk if pre-registered.  Please contact me for a registration form.


The October Dinner meeting is October 9th at Solo Bella on Chandler Road.  Please join us and RSVP to Fran Stevenson or myself.


We need a member to share a recipe at the November meeting.  The recipe will be published in the November Phoenix.  Please contact Carol Kezel for information.


If anyone is interested in obtaining a shirt, sweatshirt or jacket with Jackson Women of Today on it, please contact me to discuss. 


The pumpkins are coming!  I am looking for company unloading the pumpkins at Jackson United Methodist Church on October 7th at 11:30 a.m.  Please contact me if willing to share the fun!

Happy Fall!

Diane Stanaway, IVP


                     Harvest of Gifts 2006!


October 29th – Woodlake Country Club


Well, we have the gifts, we have the  sponsors, what we really need are the GUESTS!  Please everyone, BUY YOUR TICKETS!!!  With a month to go, I am definitely in ‘freak out’ mode over ticket sales, so put me out of my misery!  We are in the papers, and on the TV (cablevision) and Radio and my letter writing campaign to last years guests who found out about us via the newspaper has yielded quite a few returnees, but we really need our members to come out also.  If all of our members came, and brought just one friend, the auction would be an OUTRAGEOUS success!!  Yes, I know outrageous is a strong word, but I do think we can do it!!! So far, only 6 members have actually purchased tickets, and that includes Diana and I!


Remember, anyone responsible for the sale of 8 or more tickets comes in FREE.  Ramona Mahan told me she has 8 plus coming, and Vicki Vitale is halfway there with 4 guests!  I want to give out as many FREE tickets as I can, so let’s get going ladies!


Seriously though, this years auction will be raising money for two of our biggest expenditures – Food Pantry and Scholarships.  I know that these two projects are very near and dear to our members hearts, so lets all pitch in and make it a success.  This is our biggest fund raising event of the year, and we definitely need the money.  


As I mentioned, we are doing well on gifts, almost too well – Thank you Peggy, Marsha and Doreen!  We have also already recouped $1,000 (half of our budget) to date in Sponsorship donations – way to go Diana!  What this means is, if ticket sales go well, we can walk into the auction already having made a profit without selling a single raffle ticket!  Which of course means more money for the Pantry and Scholarship Funds.  And don’t forget, 15% back to the organization (Internal), and after a project like this, we all definitely deserve it!


Tickets will be available at the October Dinner Meeting.  Tickets are $34, but members can purchase one ticket at the cost of the luncheon, which is just $24.  Please make checks payable to JWOT.  If you cannot make the meeting, you can send the checks directly to Christine, who will mail you your tickets. 


Sign up sheets will be passed around during the October meeting for help during the auction, as well as various pleas via email.  Remember, if you can give just and hour or so of your time it would help a lot.  Last year the auction was terrific, with so many members helping out the day of the auction, and that is why it was such a success!  Please keep in mind that no one worked during the actual lunch service, so you can spend the time enjoying lunch with your friends!


Christine and Diana




The Beginning of the Fall season has begun for the Jackson Food Pantry, and this marks the beginning of the Holiday Season and our need for “food drives”.  Yes, we are starting to empty our shelves and to purchase loads of food from Shoprite!  Kelly Consalvo will be sending out letters this month to the community, advising of our need and for any group, school, church, etc. to get a date on our Fall – Winter calendar for bringing in collected food items.  Anyone who would like to assist Kelly in this area of coordinating food drives, please contact her.  Also, we will be in need of holiday meals and the items that make up a dinner (turkey/hams, stuffing, pie fillings/pie, cransauce, applesauce, canned or whole sweet potatoes/yams, olives, bread, and any other item I may have forgotten.  Please let us know if you have an extra turkey/ham for the Nov/Dec.

distributions.   Another reminder, for the Make A Difference Day Event that will be held on Oct. 28th, Sat. from 10am to 3pm approx.  This will be a community event with the JWOT and community volunteers giving the pantry an overhaul cleanup!  Bring your vac’s, buckets and scrub gear.  One of our lovely volunteers, Mary Barry, is offering her carpet cleaner to clean the rugs at the end of the day.  She is a sweetheart as always at the pantry, and a hard worker!  So mark your calendar’s Ladies!

All in all, September was a little hectic with the Stocking of food drives and orders from the Food Bank and Shoprite. However, the community volunteers came thru as usual. A special thanks to Gail Carlson, Marty Lev, and our own Bob Purcell for stepping up to the challenges of the day! Pat Rubio directed the aisles along with 4 Season/Brandies Ladies, and all was good.  We had a crazy Distribution as well, with the back to school night and changing over of volunteers.  We also had a few visitors to the pantry from The Township Counsel and others.  The evening went well and we ended up serving 79 Families for a total of 211 individuals.  Another thank you to all the JWOT who kindly donated backpacks for the waitlist of clients who missed out in August.  One family even wrote thank you letters to the Mom’s Club for all their efforts in supplying over 50 bags for the August distribution.  Our thanks will also go out to them. 


Please keep in mind the events for Fall and Winter and volunteering to help out specially on thePumpkin Patch  throughout the month of Oct.  Most of the proceeds from the events  will go to the Food Pantry.  Your time and help is greatly appreciated by me and the JUMC, and the Orchards at Bartley for Family Fun Day.  Also keep in mind the FP Open Houses in Nov./Dec., Oct. 28th-Make A Diff. Day, and the next 3 months of Stocking and Distrib.  Carol will be running the pantry in my absence possibly Oct.- Nov. and will need your cooperation.  I will be advising from Bflo. this month, and prepare her for Nov. also.  Once again, the pantry can only work if everyone participates together! Happy Autumn and Blessings to All!


Vickie Vitale, Food Pantry Director


October Sunshine


Happy birthday to the following members:


Susan DeCarlo              10/15

Peggy Heath                  10/22

Kathy Mueller               10/11


The following members and their husbands are celebrating October with an anniversary:


Kathy and Joseph Dibella               10/27

Diana and Steve Fraundorfer          10/28

Denise and Evan Katsoupas            10/15


Please be good or the goblins will get ya!!!


Submitted by:   Lauris Guddahl


Get Hooked on Programming


2nd Quarter is well under way so I know your chapters are getting those projects started for a successful year. So what area has those projects been in?

External Projects

         Fund Raising








Internal Projects

  • Ways and Means Fund Raiser
  • Member Enrichment
  • Member Social


Need any ideas I have a file box full of project reports that have worked in the past.  Also contact other states or



Look on the USWT Website for updates in the programming areas; I update my page quarterly.  Also the Personal Enrichment page now has some stress related exercises.  Now you can really see how stressed you are, yikes!  Then you can cast on to the other areas of programming - S.T.E.P, FOW/ Chaplain and never forget about External-POAC, you can now raise funds and get a magazine to read.  


Debbie Funsch

USWT Programming VP





Welcome to new members and welcome back to returning members!  



Fran Stevenson

Jacqueline Capasso



Karen Barilla

Joanne Calise

Carol Costello


We are always excited to have new members join our group.  Please contact me for any questions or suggestions.


Diane Stanaway

Internal Vice President


How to Apply for a Raffle License


Members who chair external fundraising projects that involve raffles or other games of chance must apply to the Township for a license.  This should be started at least one month before the game of chance date.


The application can be downloaded from the NJ Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission website  Make four (4) copies. The project chair and Board members must complete the forms.  They must be signed before a notary. (The chapter has accounts at Commerce Bank which has Notary Publics available. Bring your drivers license.). The ORGINAL eligible organization form with the chapter’s ID number must be presented to the Township Clerk’s office. The Chapter Treasurer has this document.  The Township must see the original, but will return it. Ask for a copy of a date-stamped application.


IF THE PRIZE AMOUNT OVER $400.00, two checks must be submitted: $10.00 per thousand dollar prize to the Township and $10.00 per thousand dollar prize to the State.

If the prize amount is UNDER $400.00 then no license fees are required, but the paperwork IS still required.



ONE WEEK BEFORE TOWNSHIP COUNCIL MEETING: Submit documents (and checks if required) to Township

A copy goes to the Police for review.

The Township has 3 days to send it to the state commission.

State has 15 business days to review.


This is the most recent, updated information by the State of NJ.

Questions, call Anne Marie Eden at 732-928-1200 ext. 200.


Early Detection and Screening for Cancer


When I first became a nurse almost thirty years ago, cancer was something that “older people got”.  Then fifteen years later, I became a certified oncology nurse.  At that point I truly became aware of the devastation that cancer reaps on the individual and on the family and friends.  Today, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, the leading cause is heart disease. 


My reason for writing this article is to inform my friends that the best protection from cancer is early detection.  The most frequent cancers in women are breast, lung and bronchus, and colon and rectum. 


Breast cancer is the number one cancer affecting women.  Women need to become educated in BSE (breast self examination) and have a mammogram and breast exam by a physician as recommended by the ACS guidelines.  It is recommended that BSE start at age 20, clinical breast exam at age 20 and then every 3 years and annual after age 40, and a mammogram annually starting at age 40.  Although uncomfortable, the mammogram takes only a few minutes and is done by a woman.  Breast cancer has been seen more frequently in women under 40.  It is so important that each woman manage her own health and that can only be done with the proper information.


Lung cancer (#2 in new cases) will affect approximately 5000 new people in the state of New Jersey. (2006 statistic)  The number one prevention of lung cancer is not smoking.  Wow, that is not new information to anyone! 


Colon and rectal cancer (#3 in new cases) is a disease that can be detected early with the Fecal Occult Blood Test.  This is also performed by the physician during the physical exam.  Any changes in stool appearance, such as a ribbon appearance or blood, should be reported to the physician immediately.  Colonoscopy is the screening test for colon and rectal cancer.  Today, the most uncomfortable part of the test is drinking the Citrate of Magnesia!  The test is completed in about 45 minutes and is done in the hospital outpatient setting or in the physician’s office.  The test is so routine for the health care professionals but carries the stigma of “embarrassing”.  Get over it, the test can save your life!


Cancer of the female organs, cervix, uterus, and ovaries will account for about 10% of the new cancer cases.  These cancers are detected with the annual visit to the gynecologist beginning 3 years after intercourse begins. This visit includes all components of good cancer screening, FOBT, breast exam and Pap smear.  Ladies, this is so important!  If you are in need of a physician, call your local hospital or ask another member!  Women will always share that information.  To those of us that have had a cancer scare, it is best to always follow-up with the physician.  There are many new treatments to “keep us moving” in our busy lives. 


Cancer is best cured when found and treated early.  If you need additional information, ask me. 


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!   This is also a good month to schedule your annual physical and other screenings.    If you need additional information, call your local hospital or ask a nurse in our group.


Do not put off your health!

Diane Stanaway, MSN, RN, CNA BC, OCN


I was surfing the websites the other day and decided to click into one to see if I could request some hand outs about autism for midyear.  I clicked into the Autism Speaks web site, introduced myself, and started trading emails with Kathryn Sullivan, Communications Associate - Autism Speaks of New York.  And this is what she sent me.

    I am familiar with the incredible work your group has done for other charitable organizations                                                                     (our president Mark Roithmayr, is the former president of The March of Dimes).  We would love to have the United States Women of Today become more involved with our awareness and fundraising initiatives through our Walk for Autism Research program. 

I was thrilled that they knew about the United States Women of Today and what we do for our communities.....With that in mind.....we are now at the end of our 2nd quarter with the United States Women of Today.  What have you, your chapter, or your state done to help support Parents of Autistic Children or P.O.A.C.?  Visit our national web site and click on to the POAC Magazine Sale and put in an order for a subscription and we will receive $5.00 for each magazine ordered.   The magazines are wonderful and well worth the money. An easy way to assist this wonderful organization that trains the parents, families, and teachers, and care givers of autistic children and adults.  They need our help - so please make some time in your chapter or state to have a fund raiser with the profit going to POAC.  Remember to write the check out to POAC and then send it to me with the external transmittal so I can log it in and send it on to POAC.  

Janet Esper, External Program Manager                                                                                                              U.S.W.T                                                                                                                                                                   5613 Rosewood 

Springfield, Illinois  62707




Please submit any reports, changes or suggestions to the editor at least one week prior to the General Meeting.


Christine Sheridan        

Jackson Women of Today
PO Box 1042
Jackson NJ 08527